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SYMETRIX T-5 Glass Touchscreen Controller

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SYMETRIX T-5 Glass Touchscreen Controller

• The Next Generation of Control with a new glass touchscreen
• 5-inch hi-res touchscreen for Symetrix DSP systems
• Easy-to-program SymVue control interface
• Up to 80 T-5 Touchscreens per system
• Batch-configuration of multiple T-5 Touchscreens
• Fits U.S. and European 2-gang wall and junction boxes
• PoE powered
• Symetrix 5-Year Warranty

User control in every part of a building. T-5 Touchscreens’ are ideal for houses of worship, conference rooms, auditoriums, hospitality — anywhere users need to control audio sources and levels.

Vivid, high-resolution display employs a 5-inch, 800×480 TFT capacitive touch screen.

SymVue interface with fully customizable controls including level controls, icons and volume level indicators per touchscreen provide multiple Symetrix DSP system functions such as input selection, auto-mixing and even room combining.

Custom multi-lingual GUIs can be quickly designed using Symetrix Composer and SymVue software, then exported to as many as 80 T-5 Touchscreens on a system.

Easy batch configuration of multiple T-5 Touchscreens. Directly managed by Symetrix Composer T-5 Touchscreens’ can simultaneously export/update to named groups of up to 80 touchscreens with programmers’ choice of four different configurations for each export.

Compact and unobtrusive. Framed by a subtle matte black bezel, T-5 Touchscreens fit landscape (horizontally) in any U.S. or EU 2-gang receptacle.

Ethernet-powered. There is no need for external power supplies, since T-5 Touchscreens are PoE-powered.

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