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Symetrix IP-väggkontroll, PoE, 4 knappar, US Standard, svart

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Symetrix IP-väggkontroll, PoE, 4 knappar, US Standard, svart

W Series Remotes
• IP and PoE based controllers
• User-programmable displays for labeling and feedback
• Configurations available in US and EU form factors
• Simple and easy end-user control of the business audio system

The IP and PoE based W Series remotes dramatically increase the number of control devices that can be added to a Symetrix based system. With an OLED display and dedicated knobs and buttons, the new W Series remotes provide standard IP communication over Ethernet creating a single standardized infrastructure, and come in both US and EU sizes.

Available in four configurations, the controls of the W Series may be used for source selection, volume, mute, and preset recalls for any ComposerTM based Symetrix DSP.

Ideal for houses of worship, hospitality, education, performance/live sound, and conferencing spaces — the W Series remotes have set a new standard for IP controllers in terms of both functionality and overall construction quality.

Features four momentary buttons and display. Programming features are similar to the ARC-SW4e, however updates include the ability to designate an arbitrary contiguous number of buttons as a radio button group while allowing the remaining buttons to be assigned to individual functions.

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