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CLOUD Pendelhögtalarhus till CS-C5/C6/C8 & CSUB, vit

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CLOUD Pendelhögtalarhus till CS-C5/C6/C8 & CSUB, vit

PC-200W & PC-200B

The PC-200 is a pendant housing for Cloud CS-C Series loudspeakers types CS-C5, CS-C6, CS-C8 or CS-CSUB8. CS-C Series speakers are normally flush-fitted in ceilings: using a PC-200 housing allows them to be suspended from a single point fixing, either from a ceiling or in a space without a ceiling, where a cable tray or steelwork can provide the fixing.
Alternatively the PC-200 could be fixed directly to the ceiling via the 3 x M6 recessed threaded inserts.

Complete with:
3 x eye bolts
3 x hanging cables (1 meter or 39.4 inches)
3 x snap type carabiner hooks
1 x screw type carabiner hook

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