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SENNHEISER Shotgun Microphone Capsule for MZH Goosenecks, Black

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SENNHEISER Shotgun Microphone Capsule for MZH Goosenecks, Black

The ME 36 is a permanently polarized condenser microphone capsule for use with Sennheiser MZH goosenecks. This mini shotgun microphone features a hyper cardioid / lobar directivity for an outstanding background noise rejection. In combination with the 15 cm short gooseneck MZH 3015 it facilitates inconspicuous placement. The ME 36 is suitable for a very wide range of applications including: presentation, conference, public address, studio, broadcast, video and others.
The ME 36 super-cardioid/interference tube mini shotgun microphone head offers outstanding background noise suppression and thus excellent acoustic performance, even when speaking into it from a greater distance. The model is available in black and white color.

• Highly directional mini shotgun for prominent voice reproduction
• Elegant, pure design for inconspicuous placement
• For use with Sennheiser MZH goosenecks
• Interference tube/capsule housing rotates for optimum alignment
• Corrosion resistant gold plated contact points
• Smooth response across all frequencies

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