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EV Trådlöst mikrofonhuvud med RE520-kapsel till RE3-system

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EV Trådlöst mikrofonhuvud med RE520-kapsel till RE3-system

Thread-on microphone head for Electro-Voice and other brand's wireless handheld transmitters
Premium condenser element delivers a highlydetailed, full, and vivid sound
Supercardioid polar pattern provides excellent acoustic isolation and feedback control
Multi-stage pop filter minimizes breath blasts and plosives
Selectable high-pass filter reduces undesirable low frequency content when engaged

The RE520-RC3 is a premium-grade, high-performance, condenser supercardioid thread-on vocal microphone head for wireless handheld transmitters. Designed to reveal the exceptional detail and vivid clarity synonymous with condenser elements, it elegantly delivers the lyrical finesse required for expressive vocal performances, while controlling off-axis sound from near-by sources.

This microphone head electrically and mechanically adapts to Electro-Voice (and many other brands) wireless handheld transmitters that use the common 3-contact rings, 1.25” diameter by 28-thread pitch coupling convention. The floating captured ID collar will spin freely until screwing the head on tightly. It will remain locked in place when fully tightened. This allows the desired orientation of the branding to the transmitter.

The sonic signature is detailed, full and vivid, with a warm and clear low end, natural and present midrange, and an open, crisp and detailed high end. The supercardioid pattern provides excellent acoustic isolation. Maximum feedback rejection occurs when a stage monitor position is at either 225° or 125° offaxis to the element. This pattern also allows for a cleaner mix due to its rejection of off-axis sound. The multi-stage pop filter consists of two layers of dense foam separated by air, which attenuates wind velocity caused by breath and windblasts.

The high-pass filter has two positions (see drawing). The flat position delivers the full frequency band pass of the capsule. The high-pass position attenuates frequencies below 150 Hz.

The internal shock mount isolates the microphone element from vibration and guards against handling noise.

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