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SYMETRIX Styrpanel, 4 knappar med 3-färgs-LED, grå

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SYMETRIX Styrpanel, 4 knappar med 3-färgs-LED, grå

ARC Wall Panels
• User Control of Symetrix DSP Systems
• Flexible and Extensible
• Easy to Install Using CAT5/6 Cabling
• Easy to Program Using Composer

ARC (Adaptive Remote Controls)
Why ARC’s are better: One true test of a sound system is how easily end-users can operate it. Symetrix has developed the ARC series of wall panels for easy end user control of Symetrix DSP systems. ARC’s handle music source selection, volume control, paging control, room combining, and much more. Flexible and modular, they can be mixed and matched to provide any and every acoustic space with optimum user control.

• Four switches programmable as latched, momentary, radio buttons.
• Control of mute, source selection, presets.
• Buttons may be linked to tri-color LEDs, or LEDs may be programmed independently.
• Idle mode for LED dimming in light sensitive environments.
• Hardware lockout pins for installer provided key switch.
• Available in gray, white, and black.
• Single-gang Decora faceplate, mounts in North American electrical box.

The ARC-SW4e is features four switches that are programmable as momentary, latched or radio buttons. ARC-SW4e provides simple control over mutes, source selection and preset triggering. Corresponding tri-color LEDs provide user feedback. LEDs may be linked to buttons, or, LEDs and buttons may be programmed independently.

ARC-SW4e has an idle mode option for dimming in light-sensitive environments. Hardware lockout pins support an installer supplied key switch. Furnished with a white single gang Decora® faceplate the ARC-SW4e fits in single gang US wall boxes (sold separately) for in-wall or surface mount applications.

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