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SYMETRIX Control Server

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SYMETRIX Control Server

• Network-based A/V Control
• Configured with Composer Software
• Browser-based Administration and Control
• Supports BYOD Computers, Tablets, and Phones
• A Wireless Access Point or Bridge to the A/V System

Network-based A/V Management.  Control Server is a flexible and extensible approach to the control of Symetrix Composer-enabled DSPs and select third-party A/V components. The centralized server-based technology enables comprehensive design, deployment, and maintenance of large and sophisticated systems employing numerous control endpoints supporting multiple simultaneous users.

Wired and wireless network interfaces.  Control Server’s wired Gigabit Ethernet port enables control via dedicated A/V or general purpose facility networks, as well as direct communication with networked DSP hardware. Operating in wireless mode, Control Server functions as an access point providing mobile device connectivity – in essence providing a secure “A/V control island”.

Straight-forward Setup and Deployment.  Control Server is designed into a system using Composer – Symetrix’ award winning open-architecture CAD application. Composer is used to locate and program Control Server and other Symetrix DSPs and accessories. Control Server’s browser-based administration is then used to manage app licenses, users, and user access.

Control Server Mixer App.  Control Server comes equipped with one instance of Symetrix’ Mixer app, which provides 32 channel strips, each with an assignable fader and a mute button, and offers dynamic screen-sizing and orientation, making it easy to mix events with virtually any mobile device or computer browser. Users can easily group and hide channels, assign custom labels and colors, and adjust the fader resolution and travel. Multi-touch functionality enables multiple faders to be adjusted at the same time, just like a physical mixer. The ​web-based Mixer instance can be saved to a smart device’s home page for instant access, appearing as a native app. Additional instances of Mixers may be purchased as needed. Multiple users can operate the same instance of an app, and user access control can be provided via username and password security for each user. A variety of apps delivering an assortment of useful functions will be available from Symetrix in the future.

Benefits of the “App” Model.  Because apps are virtual, they serve to reduce overall system costs by cutting down on hardware requirements. Unlike Control Server apps, functionally equivalent hardware products are expensive and prone to wear, tear, and failure.

Unlimited Programming Flexibility.  Control Server is programmed using Composer – Symetrix’ award winning open-architecture CAD application. Unique to Composer is the ability to natively configure Symetrix and select third party Dante hardware – thereby eliminating the confusion of multiple or redundant software applications.


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