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SYMETRIX Adaptiv styrpanel, grafisk display, touch-kontroller, vit

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SYMETRIX Adaptiv styrpanel, grafisk display, touch-kontroller, vit

ARC Wall Panels
• User Control of Symetrix DSP Systems
• Flexible and Extensible
• Easy to Install Using CAT5/6 Cabling
• Easy to Program Using Composer

ARC (Adaptive Remote Controls)
Why ARC’s are better: One true test of a sound system is how easily end-users can operate it. Symetrix has developed the ARC series of wall panels for easy end user control of Symetrix DSP systems. ARC’s handle music source selection, volume control, paging control, room combining, and much more. Flexible and modular, they can be mixed and matched to provide any and every acoustic space with optimum user control.

• 32 menus, 32 items.
• Control basic audio functions or complex logic events.
• Volume/mute, preset selection, room combining, much more.
• Capacitive touch with LED highlighting.
• Available in silver, white, and black.
• Universal mounting, in-wall or surface mount, US or EU/UK. (ARC-3 is not compatible with Jupiter, Zone Mix 761, or Voice Processor 2x DSPs)

The ARC-3 is a menu-driven remote control with thirty-two menus, each menu with up to thirty-two items used to control basic audio functions or complex logic-based events including volume, preset selection, source selection, room combining, and more. The white on black OLED display is graphics and multi-lingual capable with 256x64 pixel resolution to enhance readability and usability. A contemporary capacitive touch interface with LED highlighting provides users with instant operational feedback.

Navigation: Menus are navigated using left and right arrow buttons. The left arrow also functions as cancel and the right as confirmation for menus requiring it. The plus/minus track adjusts parameter settings and scrolls through source or preset lists.

Behavior: Display and LED brightness is installer configurable. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness while a proximity sensor wakes up the ARC-3 when a user approaches. When idle, the ARC-3 can scroll a message, return to the top of its menu tree, display a logo, or the current date and time. Programmable upper and lower parameter limits contain ranges of adjustment and an optional PIN code prevents tampering.

Universal mounting:
1) Flush mount in a single gang in-wall electrical box (US or EU/UK).
2) Surface mount with mating to a single gang in-wall electrical box (US or EU/UK). Sold as a single SKU – surface mount box and flush mount adapter flange included.

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