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SYMETRIX Adaptiv styrpanel, display 8 tecken, 3 knappar, vit

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SYMETRIX Adaptiv styrpanel, display 8 tecken, 3 knappar, vit

ARC Wall Panels
• User Control of Symetrix DSP Systems
• Flexible and Extensible
• Easy to Install Using CAT5/6 Cabling
• Easy to Program Using Composer

ARC (Adaptive Remote Controls)
Why ARC’s are better: One true test of a sound system is how easily end-users can operate it. Symetrix has developed the ARC series of wall panels for easy end user control of Symetrix DSP systems. ARC’s handle music source selection, volume control, paging control, room combining, and much more. Flexible and modular, they can be mixed and matched to provide any and every acoustic space with optimum user control.

• 24 menus, 16 items.
• Control basic audio functions or complex logic events.
• 8 character backlit display, 31 scrolling characters.
• 3 navigation buttons.
• Programmable brightness.
• Mounts in a single gang North American electrical box.

The ARC-2e is a menu-driven remote control for Symetrix DSPs with twenty- four menus each with up to sixteen items used to control multiple basic functions or complex logic-based events including volume, presets, source selection, room combining and more. The 8-character backlit display supports up to thirty-one scrolling characters, providing user feedback for control assignments, default settings, and actions. The three buttons navigate menus, adjust parameters, and enable or disable the wall panel. The ARC-2e mounts in a single gang electrical box (US).

Navigation: Pressing the menu button moves the user through the menu names. The menu button also acts as a preset trigger when a preset list is scrolled. The up/down arrow buttons adjust parameter settings and scroll through preset lists. Holding the menu button and using the up/ down arrow keys move the user forward or backward through the menus.

Behavior: The wall panel’s behavior is programmable. Menu brightness in active and inactive states can be set independently so the display will dim in light-sensitive environments. When idle the ARC-2e can scroll a message and return to the top of its menu tree. Programmable upper and lower parameter limits contain ranges of adjustment and a button press lockout prevents tampering. The ARC-2e is furnished with a white faceplate and mounts in a single gang electrical box (US).

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