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RTS Intercoms Wired Matrix, ARNI E OMNEO Interface

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RTS Intercoms Wired Matrix, ARNI E OMNEO Interface

ARNI significantly extends the reach of an OMNEO-based RTS intercom network to function seamlessly across subnets. ARNI enhances the flexibility of system deployments by providing network services and network-wide synchronization for OMNEO traffic. ARNI may also be configured for fully redundant operation to ensure network reliability and stability. ARNI allows the creation of media networks that are able to support up to 10,000 devices across 40 subnets.

Two models are available: the ARNI-S and the ARNI-E. Depending on the size and configuration of the network, multiple ARNI devices can be deployed to achieve the desired network layout and functionality.

• ARNI S is used when more than 128 OMNEO/DANTE devices are being used in a single subnet. It increases this subnet to up to 450 devices.
• If multiple (up to 40) subnets are used across a large campus or different location, ARNI E will support OMNEO over multiple subnets. It allows synchronization across these subnets.
• ARNI E and ARNI S are required when multiple subnets will support more than 450 and up to 10,000 OMNEO/ DANTE devices.

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