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BSP125 White


BSP125 White
BLUESOUND Network Streaming Speaker

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Bluesound Professional


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BSP125 White
BLUESOUND Network Streaming Speaker

The Bluesound Professional BSP125 is a network active loudspeaker with integrated streaming capability designed specifically for use in commercial installations. The player in the BSP125 is based on the established BluOS platform and is capable of playing and distributing content from local network storage as well as from a large number of streaming services, including some specifically designed for commercial use, such as SoundMachine. As well as stand-alone use, it is possible to use a pair of BSP125 speakers in stereo configuration. Use of the BSP125 in a larger BluOS system is also possible, allowing for grouping into user-definable groups of whatever size is required with other BSP125 units and/or any other connected Bluesound Professional players on the network in an installation.

• Full-range network streaming speaker system
• Flexible and unlimited grouping of zones within a BluOS system
• Integration with local network content storage
• Integration with many streaming services including Soundmachine, Spotify, Tidal, etc.
• Integration with a wide variety of internet radio platforms
• PC/Mac, iOS/Android and third-party control
• Security preventing unauthorized control
• Specialist Bluesound Professional control panels
• Streaming via ethernet for increased reliability (wireless streaming also supported)
• Local analog and digital line inputs
• USB input for replay from local connected drives
• Wall mounting with accessory bracket

Easily Create Branded Environments
With hardware that supports nearly unlimited zones of audio and a natively-integrated commercially-licensed music streaming service in SoundMachine, Bluesound Professional makes easy work of creating branded environments for your clients.

Plays Nicely with Others
Standard rack sizes and a wide range of standard inputs and outputs means that installation is quick and simple. The ecosystem’s modular design allows it to work seamlessly as an audio system on its own, or with audio components from other brands.

Add Audio Streaming to Existing or New Installations
Bluesound Professional’s decentralized processing capabilities gives designers and installers maximum flexibility to add audio streaming to installations, whether existing or new.

Easy to Configure
Self-discovery makes set-up and configuration painless, as Bluesound Professional players placed onto the same network will find each other automatically. A few taps on the intuitive icons in the BluOS Controller app will group players to create zoned audio content and lock-out unauthorized users.

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