FMX 15


DB Aktiv 2-vägs koaxial 15” scenmonitor, 600W RMS, 128 dB SPL

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DB Aktiv 2-vägs koaxial 15” scenmonitor, 600W RMS, 128 dB SPL

• Active 2-way stage monitor
• Coaxial configuration
• Linear phase FIR Filters
• Ultra-precise directivity
• Rotatable horn (90°x60° or 60°x90° dispersion)
• Front-rear grille design
• Integrated handle on bottom side

FMX is an active 2-way coaxial stage monitor series encompassing 3 models (10”,12” and 15”) equipped with 400W RMS (for FMX 10) or 600W RMS (for FMX 12 and 15) Class D amplifiers.  

The wedge’s coaxial acoustic design, together with its custom horn design and its advanced DSP featuring linear phase FIR filters, provides an even, highly-intelligible sound. In fact, FMX’s horn design allows a very precise dispersion pattern (60° horizontal and 90° vertical) which can be easily reversed (90° horizontal and 60° vertical) by rotating the horn, adapting the wedge to the habits of the user. Moreover, 8 on-board presets optimize EQ for different needs making FMX a skilful yet easy-to-use tool for performers of every kind. 

All wedges of the series feature a peculiar front-rear grille design, a single handle integrated on the bottom side of the plywood cabinet and a 36mm pole mount on side panel which further enhance FMX versatility.  

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