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SENNHEISER Wireless Handheld/Bodypack Combo Base Set 790-865 MHz

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SENNHEISER Wireless Handheld/Bodypack Combo Base Set 790-865 MHz

Perfect for presenters or singers, this combo set consists of 1 SKM 300 G4-S handheld with mute switch, 1 SK 300 G4 RC wireless bodypack transmitter, 1 EM 300-500 rackmout receiver, 1 GA3 rack kit and 1 mic clip (microphone capsule, lavalier, hand mic and/or input cable sold separately).

Best choice for your business, top of the class in education. The G4 300 Series uses the power of an increased switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz. New frequency ranges allow to operate multi-channel setups with dozens of channels while securing reliable operation - despite digital dividend. The best choice if you need bodypack, handheld transmitters and maximum flexibility. This base set consists of the stationary receiver as well as a bodypack and a handheld transmitter. Just add your favorite capsule and clip-on or headset microphone.

Key Features
• Easy to use, fast setup time
• Integrated network port allows control, monitoring and setup via Sennheiser Control Cockpit and WSM Software
• Broad range of products and existing accessories (such as microphones) allows usage in any kind of environment
• Up to 88 MHz bandwidth, up to 32 channels
• Increased RF output power (10/30/50 mW)
• Transmission Range: up to 100m
• Compatible with wireless speaker system LSP 500 PRO
• RC (remote control) switch available for the bodypack transmitter

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