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HDI 830


SENNHEISER 2-Channel Stethoset Receiver

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SENNHEISER 2-Channel Stethoset Receiver

The HDI 830 is a professional two-channel stethoset receiver for wideband transmission systems (with carrier frequencies of 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz) in museums, theaters and churches. The wearer can switch between channel 1, channel 2 or stereo signal reception. The receiver provides excellent speech intelligibility and very good music reproduction. It is comfortable to wear and is sure to provide long operating times.

• Ideal for stereo and two-channel applications (2.3 / 2.8 MHz)
• Excellent speech intelligibility
• Very good music reproduction
• Balance control for setting the volume for the right and left ear
• Receiver automatically turns on/off when it is put on/removed
• High degree of wearing comfort thanks to flexible earpads and low receiver weight
• Lithium polymer battery technology ensures a long operating time of up to 12 hours


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