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CMA Analog-X 1 Array


ClearOne 1x CMA Analog-X, 1x Junction Box, 1x Interface Box

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ClearOne 1x CMA Analog-X, 1x Junction Box, 1x Interface Box

Bundle includes 1x white color Mic Capsule (3 channels), 1x Analog Junction Box, 1x Analog Interface Box.

The Ceiling Microphone Array Analog-X is the newest addition to our ceiling mic lineup and most advanced tri-element ceiling microphone array for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications.

Flexible and easy to use, Ceiling Mic Array is 100% RF immune, optimized for speech-intelligibility, and can daisy-chain for easy installation.

It is a perfect companion to all ClearOne DSP mixers, as well as any 3rd party DSP mixers.

Key features

• Full 360-degree coverage.
• Optimized for speech-intelligibility with full audio bandwidth and highest SNR.
• LED indicators for On/Mute.
• Height easily adjustable from 0m to ~2,1m (7 feet) with white/black color drop-down cable.
• Numbered microphone elements for easy identification.
• 100% shielding against RF interference.
• Sleek, unobtrusive design.

• Audio Conferencing
• Video or web conferencing
• Sound Reinforcement

• Boardrooms
• Conference rooms
• Training rooms
• Lecture halls
• Courtrooms
• Telemedicine theatres

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