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RS16000 Touring Rack


DB RS16000 TR, trådlöst multimikrofonsystem, UHF-band 470-870 MHz

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DB RS16000 TR, trådlöst multimikrofonsystem, UHF-band 470-870 MHz

RS16000 is a multi-microphone wireless system featuring a 24 bit digital modulation. The system operates on the UHF band between 470 and 870 MHz on a continuous interval of 400MHz without band switch. This way, users choose among 16000 frequencies (with 25KHz steps in manual mode) and select the best for every kind of venue and application.

The system features a high-quality 24-bit audio transmission and the receivers operates with True Diversity technologies, allowing a perfect audio signal up to 100 m distance*.

RS16000 also allows for audio signal to be encrypted in order to guarantee maximum discretion in any context, thanks to a random encryption key. 

The system consists of:
- 1x Flight Case
- 6x RS16000R receivers
- 1x UHF band Antenna Splitter AS6W with 9V Phantom Power
- 1x HUB 800 allowing remote control via software dBTechnologies Wireless Manager
- 1x Power Supply unit RPS10 

Transmitters are available as Handheld (H) or Bodypack + Headset (B) and must be purchased separately. 
Handheld transmitter is equipped with an interchangeable capsule (a Shure adapter is included in the box) and Bodypack (B) version is equipped with a 4-pole Mini-XLR connector (Shure compatible). Just like RS16000 Receivers, both H and B transmitters operate on UHF band between 470 and 870 MHz.

The Touring Rack is equipped with an active cooling system able to control internal temperature, a USB port for remote control via PC, Ethernet port for multi system management, first use antennas and 2 bags for transmitters placed in the internal side of the cover.

Both omnidirectional FA-RS16 and directional DA-RS16 (featuring an exclusive windproof design) antennas are available as optional accessories. 
Both models are active with adjustable gain (+12, +6, 0, -6 dBm) and are equipped with a RF saturation led in order to inform users when the input signal level is too high and could potentially cause receivers malfunctioning.

*operating distance depends on the characteristics of the venue and set up in use. 

• Operates in UHF band 470-870 MHz
• 16000 Selectable Frequencies
• True Diversity technologies
• Digital Modulation
• Signal Quality 44.1 KHZ / 24 Bit
• Encripted Audio
• RED, FCC and IC compliant
• USB and Ethernet port
• 6 channel touring rack
• Hand (H) or Bodypack (B)
• Shure compatible
• Adapter for Shure capsule included (H)
• 4-pin Mini-XLR connector (B)

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