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Dinplayer D-01


InOut MP3-spelare för DIN-skena, inkl. 24Vdc PSU

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InOut MP3-spelare för DIN-skena, inkl. 24Vdc PSU

Dinplayer is an advanced audio device with solid-state memory, which has been designed to automatically play warning messages, voice alerts and all types of audio files.
Standard DIN clamp housing means that it can be used with different automation systems: PLC, industrial computers, touch screen operated terminals, automatic distributors, commercial promotion systems and various uses on switchboards.

Dinplayer is a high-technology device. It houses in a very compact space:

• Stereo MP3 Player (Mpeg 1 layer 3, from 64 to 160 Kbps res.), 1 Stereo unbalanced line level output.
• 20W Mono power amplifier (4 Ù Class D). Stereo preamplified output.
• 6 opto-isolated logic inputs to play audio files.
• 1 play status opto-isolated logic output.
• RS 485 serial port for complete remote control.
• 4 front panel Play, Stop, FFW & RW and Volume control buttons.

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