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unDIO2x2+ 3:e parts UDP-interface, Dante, svart

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unDIO2x2+ 3:e parts UDP-interface, Dante, svart

The unDIO2x2+ I/O Interface is a 2in/2out, cost-effective way to add up to two channels (in and out) of Dante™ audio to any Dante-based networked audio system. The unDIO2x2+’s small form factor and PoE power capability make it easy to put Dante connectivity wherever it’s needed - near the audio source or sink thereby eliminating costly and interference prone analogue wiring. The unDIO2x2+ is an upgrade of the earlier unDIO2x2, and adds several features including true +48V phantom power; maximum input and output levels of +20dBu, added input gain settings, and full output level control.

Features and benefits:
• Small form factor, can be unobtrusively located near analogue sources or sinks
• Dual power (DC or PoE) means the unDIO2x2+ will work in systems with either standard or PoE Ethernet switches
• Five input gains to accommodate common line levels, phantom power and dynamic mics
• +48V phantom power per channel - powers virtually all types of phantom powered microphones typically used in installed AV systems
• Analogue output gains software adjustable between 0dB and –60dB plus mute to accommodate all types of line input audio equipment—both consumer and pro levels
• Industry standard +20dBu maximum input levels (at 0dB input gain) and +20dBu maximum output levels
• Full Dante system status LEDs on the front panel

• Addition of microphones or other sources where analogue cabling would be expensive or is not available back to a central rack
• Network enable analogue input power amplifiers or powered speakers
• Multi-point network audio distribution

There are two control interface types available for Attero Tech Dante devices. Each interface type requires different firmware to be loaded into the device. The first type is a Dante proprietary interface that is typically used by devices that already have built-in support for Attero Tech devices. The other firmware option enables a 3rd party UDP interface and is available to anyone to use with a device capable of forming and sending a UDP message as well as receiving and parsing the response.

• Dante Proprietary: Symetrix Radius DSP, Attero Tech CommandHub
• 3rd Party UDP: QSC Q-Sys, Crestron, AMX, any UDP capable device

NOTE: The -C (SymNet Compatible) unDIO2X2+ is not currently available, for integration with Symetrix SymNet DSP systems it is recommended to use the original unDIO2X2 product until this firmware becomes available.

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