InOut Relay switching unit, 8x in/förstärkare, 2x in/reserv, 8x ut, 1RU

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InOut Relay switching unit, 8x in/förstärkare, 2x in/reserv, 8x ut, 1RU

• The RS8-R is a Relay switching unit with 8 inputs for connection of 8 amplifiers, 2 inputs for connecting the back-up amplifiers and 8 output lines. 
• The 8 output lines are normally connected directly to the inputs, so to the outputs the primary amplifiers. 
• In case of failure on an amplifier, through serial commands or logic inputs, you can disconnect the line of this amplifier and connect it to the backup amplifier. 
• The module can handle up to two amplifiers, each of which is available for 4-lines input-output. 
• The first backup amplifier (Spare A) is associated to lines 1-4, while the second backup amplifier (Spare B) to lines 5-8. 
• If there’s a single backup amplifier, you can handle the switching of all 8 lines to one amplifier simply by connecting in parallel the inputs Spare A and Spare B. 
• In order to verify a correct serial communications the transmission system can do polling at predetermined intervals (<2 sec) of the
• RS8-R, so in case of wrong string reception it will indicate the no communication error. 
• The device can be controlled through serial communication according to the standard RS-232 or RS-485. 
• For each module RS8-R a unique address (ID) can be configured by a dipswitch, with values in the range 1-255, for the purpose of multi-device control on RS-485 bus. 
• Thanks to the internal microcontroller on the front panel is indicated by LEDs the activation status of individual channels and the presence of possible errors.
• RS8-R can handle an amplifier up till 600 watts of power, for low impedance loads (4-8 Ohm) or constant voltage 70-100 Volt loads (the type of backup amplifiers must be the same of the main amplifiers). 
• However you can handle two different types of amplifiers using separate backup inputs Spare A and Spare B. 
• The device is powered at 110 or 230 Volt AC, selectable by an internal switch. 
• The input and output terminals with screw are removable and can accept cables with 4 mm2 maximum section.
• Detachable front panel module for convenient rack 19” mounting and management.

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