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AtteroTech 4-kanaligt Out Interface, AES67, PoE/24VDC

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AtteroTech 4-kanaligt Out Interface, AES67, PoE/24VDC

AES67 4 Output Interface

The unA4O AES67™ interface is a 4 output, cost-effective way to add up to four analog output channels to an existing AES67-based networked audio system. The unA4O’s small form factor and PoE power capability make it easy to put AES67 connectivity wherever it’s needed - near the audio sink - thereby eliminating costly and interference prone analog wiring. The unA4O is powered by either external +24VDC or any PoE network switch.

• Small form factor, can be unobtrusively located near analog input devices in systems with AES67 audio infrastructure
• 4 balanced line-level analog outputs driven from 4 AES67 channels from up to 4 different AES67 audio streams
• Maximum output level of +20dBu (+20dBu = 0dBFS in the digital domain)
• Power, Sys, Error, and Sync LEDs on the front panel for easy network troubleshooting
• PoE powered to work with any compliant 802.3af PoE network switch or mid-span injector, external +24VDC supply

• Addition of analog outputs where analog cabling would be expensive or is not available back to a central rack
• Network enable analog input power amplifiers or powered speakers
• Multi-point network audio distribution

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