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AtteroTech HDMI Audio de-embedder/embedder, Dante, UDP

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AtteroTech HDMI Audio de-embedder/embedder, Dante, UDP

The unHX2D is a Dante™ enabled HDMI de-embedder/embedder designed to bridge 2-channel PCM HDMI audio to/from a Dante audio network. In addition, the unHX2D includes two line level analogue inputs and outputs that can be independently bridged to/from a Dante audio network. An adjustable audio delay buffer is included on the Dante output for audio and video lip sync.

• HDMI to Dante PCM De-embedder
• Dante to HDMI PCM Embedder
• Flexible I/O Routing w/4K Pass thru w/ EDID management
• Adjustable Lip Sync Delay
• Analogue Line Level I/O
• S/PDIF-Dante I/O
• 3rd Party Network Control
• 4x4 Dante Interface

There are two control interface types available for Attero Tech Dante devices. Each interface type requires different firmware to be loaded into the device. The first type is a Dante proprietary interface that is typically used by devices that already have built-in support for Attero Tech devices. The other firmware option enables a 3rd party UDP interface and is available to anyone to use with a device capable of forming and sending a UDP message as well as receiving and parsing the response.

• Dante Proprietary: Symetrix Radius DSP, Attero Tech CommandHub
• 3rd Party UDP: QSC Q-Sys, Crestron, AMX, any UDP capable device

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