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RDL Dante -> Effektförstärkare 2x20W 4 Ohm, inkl nätadapter

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RDL Dante -> Effektförstärkare 2x20W 4 Ohm, inkl nätadapter

SF-NP40D Network to 40 W Stereo Power Amplifier

The SF-NP40D is an audio power amplifier that converts two Dante network audio channels to two 4 Ohm or 8 Ohms amplified outputs. Each output provides 20 watts into 8 ohms for a network digital audio level of 0 dBFS. Special software is not required to configure the module.

A front-panel blue LED illuminates when the SF-NP40D is powered from its included external 24 Vdc power supply. The module is equipped with both thermal and output short-circuit protection. The high-efficiency Class D output stages produce minimal heat for all levels of expected voice or music modulation. Valid synchronization to the Dante network is indicated by a green LED visible from the front of the unit.

The SF-NP40D is constructed in a durable, professional all-metal enclosure suitable for free-standing, surface-mounted or rack-mounted operation. This full-featured SYSFLEX product is engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A for continuous duty in demanding installations. The versatility of SYSFLEX products adds enormous flexibility in the design and installation of professional A/V systems.

• Converts Two Dante Network Audio Signals to two 20 W Outputs into 8 Ohms
• Selectable Dante Sample Rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
• 0 dBFS Input for 20 W per channel into 8 Ohms or 15 W per channel into 4 Ohms
• Special Software Not Required for Module Setup
• LED Indicator for Network Sync
• High-Efficiency Class D Operation
• Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
• Included Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5A Input; 24 Vdc Output
• SF-NP40D includes North American Cord; SF-NP40DE excludes Power Cord

Tekniska specifikationer

Antal kanaler2 kanaler
Effekt/kanal 4Ω/100V1-99W

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