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CUE touchONE Workplace Reservation Interface 55x55 mm

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CUE touchONE Workplace Reservation Interface 55x55 mm

A simple workplace interface connected to network infrastructure with PoE offers workplace status indication (green for free, red for reserved), a place for the table identification (name and QR code) and two buttons - one for reservation, second for leaving the workplace. The workplace interface can either be installed as a standalone device or it can be integrated into interconnection boxes. In the latter case very compact and complex workplace solution can be obtained. Workplace reservation is fully compatible with Office 365 and Exchange calendar servers. Every workplace has its own calendar and it is represented by a QR code. Reservation is made by Outlook, by mobile application using QR code or directly using buttons on the workplace interface. One interface is used for every workplace and one data concentrator is required for every 100 workplace interfaces. One cable connection delivers data as well as power using PoE.

Key features
• Compact workplace reservation interface
• Workplace status indication - green for free, red for reserved
• Customized label for workplace identification and QR code
• 2x button with indicators - one for reserve, one for leave
• Aluminum enclosure (color white aluminium RAL9006)
• Small dimensions 55 x 55 mm
• Compatible with many interconnection boxes
• Ethernet with PoE
• Desk holders for standalone installation available
• Wall mounting adapter and plastic frame available

Product code: CS0556


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