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WILLIAMSAV Medium Area IR Combo Transmitter

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WILLIAMSAV Medium Area IR Combo Transmitter

IR T2 Medium Area Infrared Transmitter

Building on years of infrared audio delivery expertise, Williams Sound is pleased to introduce the new SoundPlus®IR T2 commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter. Its sleek, compact footprint is ideal for assistive listening and language interpretation in commercial spaces such as conference rooms, assisted living facilities, small cinema/theaters, classrooms and courtrooms. The new IR T2 infrared transmitter offers 50 percent greater coverage than the previous IR device (WIR TX75) and new control system readiness — all at a more affordable price. With a significantly wider coverage pattern and more power, there is no need for the additional expense of secondary units.

System Includes
(1) IR T2 infrared transmitter (1) BKT 024 wall / ceiling mounting bracket (1) TFP 057 international power supply with line cord

How It Works
The IR T2 can be controlled remotely via RS-232 commands. The commands include:
• Powering the unit on/off
• Remotely setting the IR frequency (2.3/2.8 or 3.3/3.8)
• Muting the outgoing audio without powering off
• Turning back panel LEDs on or off
• Troubleshooting abilities

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