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SENNHEISER Wireless Headmic Set with Rackmount Kit

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SENNHEISER Wireless Headmic Set with Rackmount Kit

The Headmic Set comes with the brand new SL Headmic 1 condenser head-worn microphone, the Bodypack transmitter, stationary receiver and everything needed for usage and installation.

The SL Headmic 1 is very sleek, robust and weighs only 7g without the cable. The black and silver design almost disappears in the environment while still offering the best sound performance.

All sets come with rechargeable accupacks with up to 15 hrs of operating time. The accupack is also USB rechargeable, the cable is in the box, the USB socket is presumably just a step away from you.

The two types of sets are either Rackmount Sets (-R version), which come with everything needed for rack mounting, or Case Sets (-C version), in a transport case - without rackmounts, if you do not want to install the receiver.

• Excellent speech intelligibility
• Outstanding sound quality, omni-directional
• Sleek and unobtrusive appearance
• Extremely lightweight, but sturdy metal frame
• Automatic frequency and interference management
• Lockable 3,5 mm jack socket
• Secure 256 bit AES encryption
Set includes

• SL Headmic 1
• SL Bodypack DW
• SL Rack Receiver DW
• BA 30 rechargable battery
• GA 4 Rackmount Kit and Pouch

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