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COMMUNITY 8", 3-vägs, fullrange högtalare, 100V, 8Ω, EN54, grå

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COMMUNITY 8", 3-vägs, fullrange högtalare, 100V, 8Ω, EN54, grå

• EN54-24 Certification
• Excellent musicality and intelligibility, low distortion, and high sensitivity and output
• Weather-resistant, compact, high impact ABS plastic modified-trapezoidal enclosure
• Hydrophobically-treated grille and LF driver cones, polymer HF and MR diaphragms, and moisture-sealed crossover

The R.35-3896-EN is an EN54-24 certified, triaxial 8-inch Carbon Ring Cone loudspeaker featuring Community’s exclusive MultiSource Waveguide™ technology which adeptly integrates the output from dual midrange compression drivers and a 1-inch exit HF compression driver into a single coherent source. Fully passive, it is voiced for flat musical reproduction without EQ and delivers class-leading SPL levels for a loudspeaker of its size.

The R.35-3896-EN meets the need for a high performance compact loudspeaker for fill and supplementary areas in larger venues and for smaller venues wanting to conform to EN54 standards.  With outstanding voice and music quality, the R.35-3896-EN is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of applications, including background and foreground music and announcement systems in corporate A/V, leisure centers, swimming pools, theaters, night clubs, shopping malls, stadiums, cruise ships, theme parks and factories. 

The high output, 3-inch voice coil, 8-inch carbon ring cone LF driver features a flange-less frame design that permits a cone area nearly equivalent to a typical 10-inch driver, resulting in high sensitivity and increased LF extension.  The low LF/MR passive crossover point results in improved midrange pattern control and elimination of horn coloration in the LF response.  With a built-in autoformer, the R.35-3896-EN is certified for use in 100V distributed system applications.

Tekniska specifikationer

Frekvensomfång95-19000 Hz
Kontakter inSpeakOn NL4 och plint
Mått (BxHxD)330 x 279 x 343 mm
Vikt15,4 kg
Spridning90 x 60 °
Max SPL 1m132 dB
Delningsfrekvens 850, 2700 Hz
Mellanregisterelement2 x 2,35"
Effekttålighet400 W
Effektuttag trafo (100V)50-100-200 W
Känslighet 1W/1m100 dB
Impedans8 Ω
CertifieringSS-EN54-24 högtalare


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