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InOut Spelare med klass D 20+20W, DSP, styrbar via LAN TCP/IP

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InOut Spelare med klass D 20+20W, DSP, styrbar via LAN TCP/IP

NP-10 is an amplified audio player that simplifies the creation of interactive projects, didactic pathways, informative totems for exhibitions, musical scenaries, commercial spaces, relax areas and many more. NP-10 is interactive, so it’s easier to capture the attention of people moving nearby using jingles, slogans or a series of notices activated by a small infrared sensor. A highly technological device, yet with the very small dimensions of 115 x 115 x 22 mm.

It includes:
• Interactive audio player with microSD card slot;
• Class D Amplifier stereo 20+20W;
• 8 individually configurable logic ports, both as inputs (for sequential playback of audio files) for switches or touch-sensor, or as outputs for external relay activation;
• Reserved input for infrared motion sensor;
• Ethernet LAN 10/100 port for I/O configuration, events schedule, track selection and control remote by 3rd systems;
• RS485 serial port for optional remote control;
• Audio Mixer for external stereo/mono source.

Main Features:
• Main voltage of 12÷24VDC
• ARM Cortex® Processor
• Multidrive Storage, with files kept in removable microSD-HC flash memory (FAT 32).
• Preamplified L+R stereo audio input for external music source
• Preamplified L+R stereo audio output (0dB).
• Amplified stereo audio output 20W+20W.
• 8 logic on/off ports individually configurable as input or output
• 1 programmable relay output
• LAN Ethernet port
• Firmware Upgrade via USB flash pen drive.

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