OPUS Portabel hörslingförstärkare med fäste, inkl. OP-M80

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OPUS Portabel hörslingförstärkare med fäste, inkl. OP-M80

eLoop unit with fastening support and signage stickers

The eLoop is the latest generaHon of counter loop amplifier from Opus Technologies. Thanks to its compact conception and its power, eLoop is perfectly suitable for being integrated into a variety of environments such as receptions, banks, post offices, information centers, airports.
This system guarantees a clear communication for hearing people equipped with hearing aids. e-Loop features a microphone capsule at its back, an amplifier, a loop and a rechargeable ion lithium battery 18650 of 3.7V.

The eLoop+ kit is a complete installation composed of the eLoop unit, a handset and a gooseneck microphone OP-M80 ensures a better signal source and supplies accessibility solutions to people non-equipped with hearing aids.

The 2 potentiometers at the back of the unit allows to adjust the emission level of the magnetic field and the handset sound level.
Power up and current level LEDs are visible at the front and the back of the unit. It allows to inform the public that the devise is in function and that they can switch their devices into T-coil.

eLoop is delivered with a fixation support which allows to create a fixed base to the product. However it is possible to pull out the unit of this support to move easily the devise to another workspace.

eLoop has been developed with strict and rigorous specifications that meet the IEC 60118-4 norm.

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