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CVA16-1-CV-D, PoE Dante-förstärkare, 1x16W@70/100V, AES 67

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CVA16-1-CV-D, PoE Dante-förstärkare, 1x16W@70/100V, AES 67

The PoE+ Amplifier Series leverages the higher power 802.3at PoE+ standard (30W port power) to power two amplifier models, the AV8-2-LZ-D (8W x 2 @ 4/8Ω) and the CVA16-1-CV-D (16W x 1 @ 70V/100V). These compact Dante™ amplifiers are designed to be single cable solutions for smaller zones without the need for a local power outlet.

This amplifier series leverages the ubiquitous nature of existing CAT 5e/6 cable in zones and also the inexpensive process of pulling new cable to zones. It creates an opportunity to reduce labour costs with a single, reliable, twisted pair cable that carries power and data to where you need it. Simply plug the PoE+ CAT 5e/6 cable into the amplifier, wire the speakers and route audio and repeat for the next zone.

The plenum rating and compact size, allows this amplifier series to be placed in the air handling space, closets, the rack or any other convenient space. The confluence of readily available and inexpensive CAT 5e/6 cabling, Dante™ networked audio and quick installation, makes this amplifier series an essential problem solver.

Tekniska specifikationer

Antal kanaler1 kanal
Effekt/kanal 4Ω/100V1-99W


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