HPA Slutsteg, 4x120W 100V/70V, 4ohm

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HPA Slutsteg, 4x120W 100V/70V, 4ohm

The HPA SY-A4120 power amplifiers have been developed using the latest technology in Class D power amplifier design. Here are some of their main features:

• The amplifier delivers 120 watts of clean power per channel at 70/100 volts and 4 Ohms, with 4 x 120 watts.
• Class D amplifier operating at 85% efficiency using universal power supplies with power factor correction and capable of operating from 100-240 V, 50 or 60 Hz. The SY-A4120 amplifiers generate virtually no heat and thanks to their low current draw.
• Built-in 70/100 volt output transformers with flat frequency response from 40Hz to 20kHz provide constant voltage for distributed speaker systems.
• Independent input level controls for each channel allow precision adjustments and the included security panel provides protection from unwanted adjustment.
• Clean, crisp sound - Impressive audio specifications such as 0.04% THD, dynamic range of 105 dB, crosstalk of 80 dB, and frequency response of 10 Hz to 25 kHz guarantee ultra- clean sound quality.
• LED signal indicators for each channel continuously display power output levels and allow you to correct for overloading (clipping) conditions.
• Forced air cooling via internal fan provides reliable performance without thermal and overheating problems.
• Protection circuitry (with dedicated LEDs for each channel) that guards against overheating or faulty wiring conditions and also prevents “thumps” when powering on or off. This means that you can use the SY-A4120 with a single power strip, into which a mixer or other audio devices are connected, without danger of damage to connected speakers.
• Input connections for each channel are made using Euroblock connectors to accommodate both balanced and unbalanced signals sources.
• Output connections for each channel are made using Euroblock connectors which accept 12 gauge wire.
• The SY-A4120 can be mounted in any standard 19” rack (taking just two rack spaces), making it easy to integrate into any fixed or traveling PA rig.
• The amplifiers are enclosed in ruggedly construction (an all-steel chassis with a sleek black finish), standard 2-space 19-inch rack mount unit.

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