CONVERGE PA 460 Bundle 2


ClearOne CONVERGE 2x PA 460 Amplifier + 1x Rack Mounting Kit

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ClearOne CONVERGE 2x PA 460 Amplifier + 1x Rack Mounting Kit

CONVERGE PA 460 amplifier is a 4 Channel x 60 Watts, high-efficiency Class-D power audio amplifier for reliable amplification with professional sound quality for conferencing, sound reinforcement, and distribution

CONVERGE PA 460 amplifier is optimized to work with ClearOne’s DSP mixers, and it also works with any third-party mixer.

The Rack Mounting Kit is specially designed for CONVERGE PA 460 Audio Power Amplifier. It can mount either one or two units.

Key features

• 4 channels x 60 Watts in normal mode
• 2 channels by 120 Watts in bridged mode.
• 4/8 Ω speaker output.
• 70V/100V constant voltage output
• Efficient power consumption with auto-standby mode.
• Compact, half-rack sized form factor.
• Fanless
• Software-free plug-and-play for easy installation
• Change capitalization of the words Bridged and Mode: 2 x 10W output in bridged mode


• Conferencing
• Sound reinforcement
• Streamed audio
• Presentation audio
• Background music
• Sound masking
• Zone amplification


• Conference rooms
• Lecture halls
• Courtrooms
• Auditoriums
• Restaurants
• Museums

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