CLOUD Minimixerförstärkare, 80W, 2 line, 1 mik, Ethernet/RS232, F-port

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CLOUD Minimixerförstärkare, 80W, 2 line, 1 mik, Ethernet/RS232, F-port

MA80E 80W Mini Amplifier

The MA80E is a Mini Amplifier providing 80W Mono Output at 4Ω (low impedance). The notable feature difference between the "E" Version and the rest of the MA80 Series is the Ethernet Web Browser and RS232 control interface. It is fitted with a paging Microphone input with EQ and input gain adjustment, two line inputs and Facility Port input allowing connection of the LM-2 Input Module Wall Plates and the BT-1F Bluetooth Audio Wireless Input Module.

Designed for integration into commercial audio installations and AV systems where de-centralisation of the system component is an advantage. It is intended as an "install and forget" component and is small enough to be fitted into a wall or ceiling void, or directly adjacent to a projector, flat screen or loudspeaker.

ENERGY STAR ® Tested & Certified providing extensive power saving and energy consumption saving features such as Auto Power Down (APD) and rapid waking.

The MA80E is powered internally via 100-240V SMPS. There is an optional 20mm Flexible Conduit Kit available (CA947034) for fire protection.

Product Features
•  1 x 80W 4Ω Output (<1% THD @ Full Output)
•  Ethernet /RS-232 Level/Source/EQ Control
•  ENERGY STAR ® Tested & Certified
•  APD - Auto Awake & Hibernation 
•  Line 1 over Line 2 Priority
•  Microphone Input with EQ and Input Gain
•  Facility Port Input (For LM-2 Connection)
•  Music EQ Plus
•  Music Mute
•  Auxiliary Output
•  Dynamic Clip, Thermal & Short Protection
•  Integrated Universal Power Supply

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