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CLOUD Minimixerförstärkare, 80W, låg-ohm, 2 line, 1 mik

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CLOUD Minimixerförstärkare, 80W, låg-ohm, 2 line, 1 mik

MA80 80W Mini Amplifier

The MA80 is a compact Mini Amplifier providing 80W Mono Output at 4Ω (low impedance). Designed for integration into commercial audio installations and AV systems where de-centralisation of the system component is an advantage. It is intended as an "install and forget" component and is small enough to be fitted into a wall or ceiling void, or directly adjacent to a projector, flat screen or loudspeaker.

ENERGY STAR ® Tested & Certified providing extensive power saving and energy consumption saving features such as Auto Power Down (APD) and rapid waking.

Fitted with a Microphone Input with EQ and input gain adjustment, a further two line inputs, an RL-1 remote wall plate connection, music mute connection and dip switch settings providing Line 1 priority and mic priority switching in addition to switching on/off of the RL-1 functionality.

The MA80 is powered internally via 100-240V SMPS. There is an optional 20mm Flexible Conduit Kit available (CA947034) for fire protection.

Product Features
• 1 x 80W Mono 4ohm Output (<1% THD @ Full Output)
• Line 1 over Line 2 Priority
• ENERGY STAR ® Certified
• APD - Auto Wake & Hibernation
• Mic Input with EQ and Input Gain
• Music EQ Plus Optional EQ Card
• Mic Output Level Control + Priority
• Music Mute
• RL-1 Remote Control Interface
• Aux Out
• Dynamic Clip, Thermal & Short Protection
• Integrated Universal Power Supply
• Variants: EK, AUS, NA

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